Sunday, 23 November 2014

Braxton Java Sectional Review: Ashley Furniture at Buy Online Direct

The Braxton Java Leather Sectional Collection at Buy Online Direct by Ashley Furniture is one of the best leather sectional options produced by Ashley Furniture. It will create a contemporary setting in your living room, entertainment room or home theater room. With multiple modular pieces, create the perfect sectional that will accommodate your space and design needs.
Braxton – Java Collection contemporary design features the comfortable feel of plush pillow top arms, divided bustle back cushioning and scoop chaise pad seating perfect for any relaxing living room environment. The smooth leather surface offers a light surface correction which allows for the visibility of natural leather grain while the subtle two-tone effect enhances color depth and vibrancy. The sectional is available in unlimited configurations, which makes it extremely versatile. Even after you purchase the sectional you can shift the pieces around and switch the size and shape of your leather sectional.


The following Braxton Java pieces are available:

 9780007 RAF Press Back Chaise 47″W x 76″D x 40″H (Right Arm Facing)
9780005 LAF Pressback Sectional Chaise 47″W x 76″D x 40″H (Left Arm Facing) 9780046 Armless Chair 37″W x 42″D x 40″H
9780019 0 Wall Armless Recliner 37″W x 42″D x 40″H
9780057 Console w/ Storage and Two Cupholders 13″W x 42″D x 40″H
9780077 Wedge 76″W x 42″D x 40″H
9780040 LAF Zero Wall Recliner 47″W x 42″D x 40″H (Left Arm Facing)
9780041 0 Wall RAF Recliner 47″W x 42″D x 40″H (Right Arm Facing)

Braxton Living Room Collection is a Protected Leather (Cleaning Code: E) and is perfect for active households. Leather Match upholstery in Braxton leather, offers the luxurious look and feel of top quality leather with the benefit of protection. All pieces in the collection feature durable and sturdy all-metal constructions with the metal drop-in unitized seat boxes and functional reclining mechanisms with numerous adjustable positions.

Give your living area a stylish and updated feel, as well as ample comfortable seating space with the contemporary Braxton-Java Living Room Collection by Ashley Furniture at

Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Reasons Customers Will Shop Online (Other than Price)

When it comes to online retail conventional wisdom states that customers will choose the virtual over brick-and-mortar store mainly because of the price. While this may be true , it’s only partially true. Price is a big factor and probably the most rational factor when it comes to shopping online. However, choosing online shopping takes more than the rational.
why people buy online graph
According to this PWC study, while still being important, price is not the only factor favoring the decision to purchase online
Above you can see a chart on a recent study by PWC, that shows some of the reasons driving customers to shop online. Lower prices and better offers is the second most important reason people will buy online followed by the speed factor and things like better variety and better product information.
[See more about what customers expect from Omnichannel Retail]

1. Shopping online is convenient for anyone, anytime.

The usual trouble with business hours is that they are the same for pretty much everyone. Both shoppers and retailers. While movies portrait people as care-free, on-the-go individuals, the reality is that much of the time people are either stuck in an office, stuck in traffic or just at home, spending time with the family. Say customer X remembers he needs to buy a new pair of shoes at 2 PM, while still at work. Will it be possible for him to drive to the closest store? Will he just go online and buy his favorite pair of shoes, from a wide selection of brands and offers. Of course it’s the latter which brings us to …

2. Shopping online is easier and less stressing

Think about shopping centers. Picture the people, the crowd, the options. Hear the noise. Now think about looking for a parking space, walking to the mall, walking some more from store to store. Trying on. Maybe going home empty handed.
Now picture doing all that in front of the computer, listening to your favorite music, comparing the best deals, without anyone trying to convince you what is the perfect fit. Shopping online is just easier. Customers choose it because it’s stress-free, it’s rational and you can get the best deal without spending a whole afternoon looking for a pair of pants.

3. Shopping for products unavailable in the near area

Not longer than 10 years ago, most shoppers would have had to choose between the products available in the nearest store or not buy anything at all. There was no “shopping for that special bottle of wine I saw last year in Paris”. If the local wine store was not selling it, well … it simply wasn’t worth the hassle to look for it anymore. Now consumers can just “google” a particular brand or product and someone, somewhere, will be ready to sell it and ship it.

4. It’s easier to compare offers

To be fair, this one has a lot to do with price but than again comparison and especially easy comparison is a matter of convenience rather than pricing. Comparing prices online is way easier than any of the options offline stores have.

5. It’s just so much better to talk about

Remember the last time you talked about visiting a store while chatting with your best friend? Probably a long time ago. Truth is conventional retail stores are just so … available to anyone. Uninteresting. Common. You cannot brag about a new, indie, never before heard store that still offers a lot of products. Shopping online is just much more conversation-worthy.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

We are brought to you from Calgary.

Back to school life is not hectic enough without a massive snow strom that rocked Calgary on Sept. 11, 2014.  The storm wreaked havoc with the City, our transportation and our TREES.

It's estimated that 80 per cent of the city's trees were damaged by last week's snowstorms and the amount of debris expected at the landfill from the storm will be even greater than the debris from last year’s flood.

More than two million kilograms of tree branches and debris have been dumped at city landfills as Calgarians continue a mammoth cleanup after the recent summer snowstorm.

Guarenteed that these trees will not be turned into furniture!

Trees downed by the recent heavy snow in Calgary goes through a wood chipper in the southwest neighbourhood of Mission as the cleanup gets underway in the city.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014